High-glossy Photo Paper

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Product Description:

1. It has good recordability, strong ink absorption force, fast ink absorption speed, small ink drop diameter and approximate circular shape;
2. Fast recording speed, i.e. high density, continuous step tone and clear picture;

3. Good preservation, the picture has certain water resistance and light resistance, and has certain preservation and fastness indoors or outdoors;

4 the coating has certain fastness and strength, the coating is not easy to scratch, has no static electricity, and has certain smoothness, bending resistance and bending resistance

Product uses:
outdoor posters, exhibition racks, display drawings, high-precision spray painting.

Matters needing attention:

1. Do not place in the following places: high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight

2. Please put the unused photo paper back into the original packing box and keep it flat!

High-glossy Photo Paper 

High-glossy Photo Paper 

High-glossy Photo Paper 

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