Floor Film (matte/twill)

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  • Product Description:
    This product has good picture protection, anti shrinkage, good toughness, moderate thickness, not easy to wrinkle or peel off, smooth surface, uniform light transmission, ground anti-skid, etc.

Product application:
It is suitable for the picture protection of various water-based ink pictures and solvent inks and the application of car stickers.

Before laminating, cut the cold mounting film into the same size as the picture, then uncover the bottom paper, and use the laminating machine to complete the lamination.

Before laminating, confirm whether the materials to be coated have been completely dry to prevent ink moisture volatilization from affecting the coating effect

Floor Film (matte/twill) 

Floor Film (matte/twill) 

Floor Film (matte/twill) 

Floor Film (matte/twill) 

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